For those wondering why the water level of the Rancocas Creek is so low, I called the Burlington County Emergency Management Office (609-518-7200) yesterday. I got the following response from Kevin Tuno:
Mt. Holly has left all the gates to the Mill Dam open, and will leave them open until they decide what to do with the dam. Burlington County is not going to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the dam, so it all falls in the hands of Mt. Holly. They, once again, want to remove the dam because it would cost too much to maintain it and build that ever-lovin' fish ladder. I was told they wanted to see what the water level would be like if there was no dam, and hence, leave all the gates wide open. I don't know about your creek-side, but where my house is, it's just awful. I've never seen the creek so low, and it looks like a trash dump! How does the creek look from your house? If anyone else has any more information, could you please post it to our Yahoo email group. Click this link to get there directly.

Thanks, Kerry