Luncheon at theSmithville Mansion
October 28, 2007

Eddie Baker
Mary Jane Barber
Fred and Diane Bauer
Bill Bolger
Marie Dugan
Ethan Higgs
Helen Ferguson
EJ Garland
James and Tereza Giquinto
The Goldacker's - Al, Dottie and Destiny Chambers
Kathy Graf
Betty Hayes
The Katz's - Craig, Hana and Kevin
Tom Kempton
Maureen Lucas
Don Maurer and Mary Jo Rogers
Cathy and Dennis McElroy
John and Claudia McNamara
The Milligan's - Wayne, Claire, Julianna and Shannon
Leo Spencer

The RCA luncheon for 2007 was held in the billiard room of the Smithville Mansion.

In a brief address to the RCA members, Craig spoke of our area's "long and rich history". He was reminded of such by his daughter Hana and her research for a school report. In reference to the RCA he reflected that we are a small organization aiming to improve our quality of life along the creek, leaving the major changes to the county and such.

This year is an election year, and the four positions are now vacant. Interested parties can contact Craig. Some ideas were offered for the 2008 year. A proposal has been made to hold our monthly meetings at the gazebo in Smithville park. Also, committees can be formed to manage events such as the fall float and the creek clean-up, and to provide data on issues of creek maintenance, the landfill and the dam.

The straw hat then floated around the room for donations, and members enjoyed the luncheon, the displayed artwork and each other's company. Special thanks to Betty Hayes.

See you next year.