Rancocas Creek Association
Minutes of the Meeting
October 12, 2008

Rich Astorino, Mary Jane Barber, Diane and Fred Bauer, Marie Dugan, Helen Ferguson, Betty Hayes, Linda Hulch, Craig Katz, Tom Kempton, Maureen Lucas, Don Maurer and Mary Jo Rogers, John and Claudia McNamara, Wayne, Claire, Julianna and Shannon Milligan, John S., Norma Woodstock.

Our final meeting of the year found our members at the Smithville Mansion for the annual brunch. John addressed the RCA thanking everyone for attending and gave a quick generalization of our yearly activity. After a late start to the monthly meetings, the RCA swung into action with the issue of the Mount Holly dam, the diminishing water levels and subsequent destruction of wildlife. The bottom line being there was no flooding upon good supervision of the dam. Also aiding the dilemma is our interfacing with the township manager Kathy Hoffman and the Mount Holly mayor Jules Thiessen. However, another camp of residents along the creek had opposing views as to saving the dam. We did not want this trouble to ensue.

The clean-up this year was a non-event. Next year we will return to the traditional clean-up in July.

Next Sunday is the fall float. Residents are encouraged to decorate as the prizes are bigger than before. Wayne and Claire will number the docks while Tom Greenfield will photograph the docks and post the pictures to a board at the beginning and ending destination of the fall float. John, Rich, Fred, Mary Jane and perhaps Kevin volunteered to represent the RCA table at the event in Smithville.

Time for thanks. Shout outs were given to our officers: Vice President - Wayne Milligan, Recording Secretary - Claire Milligan, Corresponding Secretary - Claudia McNamara and Treasurer - Tom Kempton. Special recognition was given to Tom Greenfield our gadget guy who made creek level monitors and crafted a gift for Don and Mary Jo. Kudos to Kerry our webmaster. Thanks as always to Betty Hayes for her hard work organizing the Smithville brunch and to Anita and Bill Gooden for their delicious picnic after the creek clean-up. We will miss the Mauers of which Don was our technical advisor.

Tom Kempton provided an annual bank statement, membership and treasury report.

See you next year (probably before).