Minutes of the Meeting
October 11, 2009

Rich Astorino, Mary Jane Barber, Marie Dugan, Helen Ferguson, EJ Garland, Tom Greenfield, Betty Hayes, Linda Hultch, Hana and Craig Katz, Tom Kempton, Maureen Lucas, John McNamara, Shannon, Julianna, Wayne and Claire Milligan, Kerry Sharps, Leo Spencer

John welcomed everyone to his home for the last meeting of 2009.

Treasurer's Report
Tom Kempton delivered the treasurer's report and distributed the records for the current year.

Elections were basically reelections with the same people occupying the same titles:
President - John McNamara
Vice President - Wayne Milligan
Treasurer - Tom Kempton
Secretary - Claire Milligan (recording) and Claudia McNamara (corresponding)

Special thanks to all who participated throughout the year from the picnic to the cleanup and to bringing awareness and insight to the meetings - special mention to Tom Greenfield and Kerry Sharps our webmaster.

Fall Float
Next week, weather permitting is the fall float. To recap prizes are $250 for first, $150 for second, $100 for third and $75 for fourth. The date is October 18, 2009. Starting destination - Smithville. Float down to Mount Holly and vote for your favorite decorated dock.

Just got word that the weather is not permitting. The date has been changed to October 25, 2009. That gives us one more week to decorate.

The Creek
It was duly noted about the management of the dam this year, thanking all involved in Mount Holly.

Then it was on to the end of the year brunch. Thank you John for hosting the party which proved spirited, delicious and picturesque.

See you in 2010.
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