Minutes of the Meeting
September 27, 2009

Mary Jane Barber, Marie Dugan, EJ Garland, Ellie Gesensway, Tom Greenfield, Tom Kempton, Paul Loane, John McNamara, Shannon, Wayne and Claire Milligan, Edythe Norman, Bob Norman, Kerry Sharps

John welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Edythe and Bob Norman for hosting.

Treasury Report
Our Treasurer, Tom Kempton, gave the balance of the organization. There are 5 more paid members and possibly 1 new member is interested in joining. John and Tom will follow up on those few who have yet to pay.

The 2009 election year is upon us. All 4 positions are open: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. John has stated - "The more people who take up these roles over time, the stronger the RCA becomes.' Contact John at 609-261-0563 or Tom G. at 609-261-1036 if interested.
Elections will be held at the annual brunch by a show of hands.

Family Fall Float
Sunday October 18, 2009
Smithville Park - 9:00 a.m. - 6 p.m.

"The good news and the bad news."
Let's start with the bad news because it is followed by good news. A few days before the meeting John had learned the bad news. Due to budget and organizational problems, no prize money was going to be awarded for dock decorations. Well John had made known that we would not decorate for this event and put in major effort, time and money without reciprocation.
The good news - Joyce Goldsmith worked her magic and got the prize money reinstated. Everyone should thank John and Joyce for their help.
So go crazy this year. Who knows what economical constraints will come next year. There is talk of charging for canoe rentals or perhaps not even having the event.

Annual RCA Brunch
Sunday October 11, 2009
249 Shreve St.
Mount Holly

The breakdown -
11 a.m. - Coffee
12 p.m. - The Meeting
12:30 - The Election
1 p.m. - Lunch and drinks

Salads and desserts are being donated as John is providing paper products, hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and his house. Wayne is bringing the hoagies, some drinks and coffee. Set up will be Saturday evening. As always, more hands make light work. Information will be sent out. Please R.S.V.P. Remember paid members only.

Other Business
- Paul was impressed with the management of the dam this year. Others too had voiced their approval in prior meetings and again today. Letters of thanks could be sent to the mayor - Jules Thiessen.
- After reviewing the aims and goals of the environmental commission outlined by Randi Rothmel, John felt that the scope was too far reaching for our organization. The creek would only be a minor part in this broad spectrum so he decided not to become a member.
- Others wanted to be made aware if this commission would have an impact on our organization or life on the creek in general. Case in point, the mosquito people taking it upon themselves to tip over buckets of fertilizer, bird baths and kayaks on Tom and Kerry's property without permission.
- Ellie was concerned about more trees blocking passage up the creek toward Smithville. John said the County has the machinery and manpower to clear obstacles and would have the task completed before the fall float.
- Tom K. wondered about T-Shirts for new members. Wayne had a few.
- Kerry, our webmaster, stated that if you google Rancocas Creek, we are number 2 on the list.

Last Meeting
See you at our last meeting of year on October 11, 2009 at the home of
John and Claudia McNamara.
Thanks, Claire