Rancocas Creek Association
Minutes of the Meeting
September 26, 2010

Eddie Baker, Mary Jane Barber, Ellie Gesensway, Tom Greenfield, Craig Katz, Tom Kempton, John and Claudia McNamara, Wayne and Claire Milligan, John and Kassie Regn, Ed Revell, Kerry Sharps, Doris Spencer

Our President John McNamara welcomed those present to the home of Wayne and Claire Milligan and cordially thanked us for hosting.

Treasury Report
Tom stated we have 21 paid members and gave the balance.

The Meeting
On October 20, 2010, there is a special meeting of officials of Mount Holly Township, members of Fish and Wildlife and concerned citizens. Here the issue of removal of the Mount Holly dam versus repairing the dam and installing a fish ladder will be debated. This is the first official meeting. Craig will prepare and distribute informational leaflets.

A general discussion of the dam removal unfolded.

An interesting side note by John - according to Kevin Tuno who looked at documents from 1968, residents were discussing the same issues that we are today.
Tom G. stated there are hidden costs of dam removal not reflected by the Army Corps of Engineers.
In regards to flooding, Tom G. felt that the water will seek out its original path, returning the creek to its natural ecological system and may compromise areas downtown.
Homes near the Smithville spillway, John felt, will most likely experience the same level of flooding due to the water flowing over the spillway.
Since the spillway at Smithville indeed has a fish ladder, a thought to replace the Mount Holly dam with a spillway was broached.
Tidal implications may not affect our area due to the unlikely event of water pushing up over the higher level where the dam is located.
Ed noted the bulk of the discussion seemed to lean toward the negativity of dam removal and also should be geared toward flood control with dam repair.
Eddie questioned the runoff issue of the nearby dump.
Ed wondered if a comprehensive ecological study has been achieved.
Craig weighs in on the County involvement with these issues.
John Regn inquired as to the involvement of Fish and Wildlife and Claudia informed there is a federal mandate. John R. said because of the lower creek levels in recent years, fish spawning has suffered. Many of the little coves and ponds have dryed up.


The Brunch
Our annual brunch will be held on October 17, 2010 at the home of John and Claudia McNamara. The organization committee include John, Claudia, Wayne, Kerry, Tom G, Mary Jane, Betty and Tom K.
The time will be 11:00 a.m.

Recently, we lost our friend Leo Spencer. He will be remembered as a kind man with a "steely determination" as John put. Leo always warned us of fires when the season was very dry and was concerned for the beauty of Sunset Lake near his home. He enjoyed participating in the RCA and we will miss him.