Minutes of the Meeting
September 21, 2008

Bill Bolger, Eleanor Gesensway, Anita Gooden, Tom Greenfield, Craig and Hana Katz, Tom Kempton, Edith Norman, Bob Norman, Wayne, Claire, Julianna and Shannon Milligan, Kerry Sharps, Andy Wasserman

This RCA meeting was presided over by Wayne Milligan since our fearless leader John and his lovely wife Claudia were at a family wedding. The meeting began at 11:00.

The secretary's report was delivered by Claire Milligan.

A huge thank you was bestowed upon the Gooden's for hosting another fantastic picnic. This year members felt the actual clean-up itself did not have the same charm as in years past. The County was in charge of the clean-up. Waivers needed to be signed. Some participants were present just for a free scenic canoe trip. Next year, the RCA would like to organize their own clean-up to be more in tune with the "old school" clean-ups. A picnic and meeting would follow for members and participants.

Smithville Mansion Breakfast
The annual breakfast at the Smithville Mansion will be held October 12th at 10:30. Remember to pay your dues for free admission. Anyone willing to help or donate food, please contact Betty Hayes. Our next meeting is at the breakfast.

Web site report
Kerry reported that things have quieted down on the web site as it was a battleground forum for those who wanted the dam removed and for those who countered this idea. Tom Greenfield mentioned that some of the emails for the dam removal were taken from American Rivers whose view is to let the waters flow naturally. Tom stated he has documentation on the many downfalls of removing the dam. He felt much of the flooding upstream is caused by the shoal near the Gooden's. Craig felt the issue is one of management. Mount Holly, he stated, is one of the few towns in the County with a dam, and the County should be assuming a greater responsibility.

Fall Float
The fall float is scheduled for October 19, 2008. In the early morning, Tom volunteered to photograph the docks as Wayne and Claire number them. The photos will be displayed as canoers disembark to refresh their memories. Voting papers will be available at the start of the event.

Other business
Ellie inquired about the dam. Tom G. claimed Mount Holly was headed in the direction of repairing the dam upon the horrible condition following the creek lowering experiment. The Army Corp of Engineers will fund the fish ladder and Mount Holly will need money for dam repair. Bob added 10 years ago, they wanted to use the dam to power electricity, but a 10 foot drop was needed.

The meeting ended at 12:00.
Claire Milligan