Minutes of the Meeting
August 29, 2010

Mary Jane Barber, Bill Bolger, Ellie Gesensway, Betty Hayes, Craig Katz, Tom Kempton, Paul and Judy Loane, Claire and Wayne Milligan, Kerry Sharps

In lieu of our missing captain John and the lovely Claudia, Wayne had to steer the ship. He welcomed everyone to the home of Tom Kempton. John and Claudia sent their regrets as did Tom Greenfield.

In July, we lost our dear friend Helen Ferguson who for many years was a member of the RCA and part of the culture of the creek. Helen always had a wonderful story to tell and a friendly smile on her face. Her daughter Lynne had said Helen thought of everyone as her children and treated them as such. A card was passed around from Lynne, thanking the RCA for the flowers at Helen's funeral. Lynne claimed Helen always looked forward to the meetings. We will miss her.

Treasury Report
Tom stated that we have 20 paid up members.

Meeting Report - Mount Holly Township
The following is a summary of the email sent from John McNamara to RCA members regarding a meeting of the Mt. Holly Environmental Committee on August 3, 2010. The agenda included a report by the chairman, Randi Rothmel, on the debate of installation of a fish ladder vs. removing the Mount Holly dam. The Mount Holly town council and Fish and Wildlife are currently discussing this issue. We as residents can also participate by attending town council meetings on the 2nd and 4rth Monday of every month. John urged us to make our opinions heard via the media and town council. "If no fishladder - no dam - no water in the creek."
Randi Rothmel had sent an email outlining the issue. Some pertinent lines include:
"FYI - Biologists from Army Corp and Fish and Wildlife were at last weeks township meeting revisiting the potential of either a fish ladder or dam removal at Mill Dam to restore fish migration."
"There is currently a 65:35 match available for funding of the project (35% from township) and of the 35% there already is $110,000 that has been committed towards the project through grants..."
"Township wants to bring back biologists and hydrologists..."
"Consensus of EAC members is to go with fish ladder if funding can be secured."

Please consult the website for a copy of these emails.

John was interviewed in an article entitled "Mt. Holly mulls fate of Mill Dam" found in the August 11, 2010 issue of the Burlington County Times. He defends the scenic beauty of the creek and supports the dam. This article is also posted on the website.

RCA Discussion of the dam
At the time of the meeting, the creek level was drastically low. The creek was said to be lowered for the week before the labor day weekend to allow for County workers to remove branches and debris. It was stated that the South branch appears to be paid more attention through funding and cleanups than the North branch.
The township meeting with the agenda topic of the dam may come toward the end of September, some members guessed.
Craig questioned if the removal of the dam fit into the County plan.
Betty considered the possibility of the town flooding without the dam.
At the suggestion of a town council member who appreciates the beauty of the creek, Ellie said we should attend the meetings of the freeholders.
Along those lines, Judy emphasized to make it important to the freeholders to recognize the beauty of the creek and its significance to the County.
Paul wondered why the beauty of the creek is not important, followed by Wayne who asked why other townships seem to get grants.
Ellie believes now is the critical time to act.
Suggestions include getting the mayor involved. Perhaps taking him on a canoe ride, Paul felt. Also, we should meet with John about contacting the freeholders. Judy volunteered to inquire with appropriate contacts about the freeholders.

Breakfast Meeting October 17, 2010
It is time to plan the annual brunch and who better to volunteer than people who are not present at the meeting, people with whom we had a fantastic brunch at their house last year. Hmmmm.

Thank you to Tom Kempton for hosting.
The next meeting will be September 26, 2010 at the home of Wayne and Claire Milligan, 32 Kates Tract, Mount Holly, 609-694-5118. My house.

See you in September,