Minutes of the Meeting
August 17, 2008

Rich Astorino, Bill Bolger, Helen Ferguson, Anita Gooden, Tom Greenfield, Betty Hayes, Craig Katz, Kevin Katz, Don Maurer and Mary Jo Rogers, John and Claudia MacNamara, Wayne, Claire and Shannon Milligan, Bob Norman, Kerry Sharps, Leo Spencer, Jules Thiessen.

John welcomed everyone at 11:00 to the Maurer's.
The secretary's report was given by Claire Milligan and the treasurer's report was delivered by Tom Kempton. He informed us that at the last meeting we had 15 paid members.

Mount Holly dam update
Mary Jo fielded a call from a Burlington County Times reporter regarding creek levels. Mary Jo stated that when the creek was low an experienced kayaker may be able to paddle but certainly it would not be good for a scheduled event.

Creek Clean-up
This year's creek clean-up will be September 13, 2008. The time will be arranged by John Smith of the Burlington County Parks Department. Following the clean-up is a picnic hosted by the Gooden's and John claimed that Anita Gooden runs the "best picnic by a mile." Although BCPD will be handling the chain saws, John was looking for someone to maintain the chain saws purchased by the RCA. Bob suggested Lonnie.

This year's fall float is scheduled for October 19, 2008. Joyce Goldsmith said some $400.00 has been budgeted for prize money.

If anyone would like to donate some time or food for the annual brunch at the Smithville Mansion, please contact Betty Hayes. As always members are free to enjoy the "fortified" orange juice; otherwise, the cost is $15.00

Don't forget to pay your dues. The next meeting is at the Milligan's on September 21, 2008.

Other Business
Jules stated that some Eastampton residents are in protest of keeping the dam, citing that the RCA does not in fact speak for all those who live along the creek. About 10 to 15 people, have contacted Fish and Wildlife and the Army Corp of Engineers claiming that costs associated with the dam are a waste of taxpayers money. He felt we should write letters to counteract their pursuit so as not to give it any traction against the 2 million dollar dam repair. Also, Burlington County Emergency Management controls the operation of the dam not Mount Holly. Claudia added that different people depending on where they live, have different concerns. Don said that the dam basically is of value when water levels are low.

Wayne inquired about a newspaper article regarding Mount Holly residents having proper septic maintenance. Jules responded that the State of New Jersey says that the township will handle the issue. It is an "ordinance that governs activity."

Tom Greenfield wanted to establish creek level indicators in Don's absence.

The Final Goodbye
John thanked Don and Mary Jo for hosting the meeting and providing "a superb display of food." He again praised them for all of their contributions to the RCA throughout the years. To that end, some gifts were then given. To start, John and Claudia gave them a bottle of whiskey. Tom Greenfield presented a sealed decorative bottle of creek water complete with an RCA label and a beautifully crafted silver cap of a kayaker which he originated. Claudia felt it would be appropriate for mixed drinks. Wayne gave a monetary gift from the RCA. We will miss you guys.

The meeting ended at 12:00.
Claire Milligan