Rancocas Creek Association
Minutes of the Meeting
July 26, 2009

Mary Jane Barber, Betty Hayes, Tom Greenfield, Anita Gooden, Tom Kempton, Bob Norman, Edythe Norman, Claire, Shannon and Wayne Milligan, Kerry Sharps, Andy and Jill Wasserman

In the absence of our President and his lovely wife, Wayne welcomed everyone to the meeting hosted by Andy and Jill Wasserman.

Treasurer's Report
Tom Kempton gave the treasurer's report. Basically, all is the same and he reminded everyone to pay their dues which is $20.00 per household. Flowers were sent to Anita Gooden in gratitude for the fantastic picnic.

Fall Float
The budget was passed by the Burlington County Parks Department. Start planning. October 18th is right around the corner. People like to see our neck of the woods beginning at Smithville Park. As always fourth place will be funded by the RCA.

Creek Clean-up
A survey of the creek was done before the clean-up by Wayne and Claire. Our official decree to a few of the sites was "Yikes." Three areas were impassable. John and Bill had let the county know that there were places that would take hours for the RCA crew to clear. So prior to the clean-up the county had sent their workers afloat, and they did a great job removing trees, wires and what not. Thankfully, it made Sunday July 12th much less of a hardship for Wayne, Craig, John, Bill, Gary, Rich, Tom K., Tom G., Dan and Don.
And then the picnic. Another delicious picnic in reward for tidying up the creek.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, August 30.
Diane and Fred Bauer
5 Rustic Road (off Paducah Road in Eastampton)

On September 27th - Edythe Norman
The final meeting will be at the McNamaras for the brunch.

One of our members Fred Bauer was hurt in a tree accident. He's having rotator cuff surgery in the beginning of August. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Tom Greenfield had sent a letter of thanks to the township manager for the suitable water level of the creek. Unfortunately, around the fourth of July the flood gates were opened, and the creek was again low. Now the creek is at a nice level for wildlife and canoers. Although, there are those who voice different opinions. These can be found on the Yahoo sign post on the RCA website.

Incidentally, Kerry posted pictures documenting the 2009 creek clean-up. Check them out at Rancocascreek.org (or just click here)