Minutes of the Meeting
June 27, 2010

Rich Astorino, Eddie Baker, Mary Jane Barber, Fred and Diane Bauer, Ellie Gesensway, Tom Greenfield, Craig Katz, Paul Loane, John and Claudia McNamara, Shannon, Claire and Wayne Milligan, Kerry Sharps.

John McNamara welcomed everyone to the meeting hosted by Craig Katz. Regrets were sent by Tom Kempton who was celebrating his birthday.

Treasurer's Report
In lieu of Tom's absence, John delivered the treasury report. Since last meeting there are an additional 13 paid members and a few more have filtered in. John stressed that the dues are our only source of income. Hence it is important that everyone is up to date with their dues and that we should be very careful how we spend our money.

Meeting with Burlington County Emergency Management, June 10, 2010
First a thank you to Craig who organized this meeting for residents to better understand weather and natural events in relation to the management of the Mount Holly dam. Most of the people in attendance were connected to the RCA. It was disappointing that no one was representing Mount Holly Twp because of prior engagements. The meeting included a detailed presentation by the National Weather
Service of weather events. Craig stated there are many circumstances that come into play in the change of the creek level, i.e. local sod farm management, cranberry bogs, weather cycles, seasonal changes, tidal influences of the Delaware River and management of the dam. John understands that Kevin Tuno and Steve King of Burlington County Emergency Management instructs Mount Holly to open the dam.

Meeting: John McNamara, Kevin Tuno, Steve King
Upon meeting with Kevin Tuno, Coordinator of BCEM and Steve King, Deputy Coordinator of BCEM, John McNamara is going to be the official liaison between creek residents and BCEM. Here we will have a voice directly in contact with BCEM for concerns about the creek and related emergency events. Communication is another step toward maintaining the beauty of the creek.

Other Business
At the time of this meeting, the creek levels were very low. Ellie wondered how this could be after the informative meeting on June 10. Some felt that the dam was not being managed and that gates had remained open. Man on the field, Wayne, went to check the gates. Paul stated that the 5 internal gates are for maintenance. The two outside gates are the flood gates, one of which is compromised. Wayne returns. One of the maintenance gates was open. Craig was under the impression, BCEM was aware of the situation and will close the gate. Tom and Kerry requested the creek levels be raised in light of the approaching holiday weekend. They contend once the gates are closed, they see an immediate rise in the creek because of their proximity to the dam. Claudia suggested an email or information when the gate is closed so we can see the track the effects.
Gary had reported some fallen trees to Burlington County that needed to be addressed. His reports were not immediately followed up, which is an example of how this new line of communication with John will be beneficial.
The RCA is going to organize a clean up at the end of July.
Sometime in August, the creek will be lowered for residents to examine and repair if need be.

Next Meeting
July 25, 2010
Mary Jane Barber
32 Rabbit Run

Thank you to Craig for hosting.
Craig ended our ceremonies with the sound of a gong.

Thanks, Claire.