Rancocas Creek Association
Minutes of the Meeting
June 24, 2007

The meeting commenced at 11:00 a.m.

Rich Astorino, EJ Garland, Ellie Gesensway, Dottie and Al Goldacker, Anita Gooden, Betty Hayes, Craig Katz, Hana Katz, Tom Kempton, Don Maurer and Mary Jo Rogers, Dennis McElroy, Claire and Wayne Milligan.

The secretary's report was given by Claire Milligan.
The treasurer's report was given by Tom Kempton. Annual donations were made to the Conservancy and Friends of the Mansion. The amount of $44.00 was raised at the Earth Fair thanks to the success of Kevin Katz and his natural bracelets.

Meeting Updates
The creek clean-up has been rescheduled for August 11, 2007. A regular meeting is now scheduled for July 15, 2007. Members will be notified of the location.

Some members were concerned about the county purchasing their property for open spaces. However, they have been assured that eminent domain will not be enforced.

The Dam
Here is a summary of the letter Kevin Tuno wrote to Craig. He claimed 3 of the gates were opened at the time of the rain event and the creek was low. On Sunday afternoon, the other 2 half gates were opened. Since Wollman's Lake Dam was topped over, Ms. Hoffman requested the 2 large gates to be opened. Procedures were followed Sunday night. Rarely are the large gates opened due to damaging the dam. This time damage estimates ran near $170,000.

Still, some residents thought the creek levels were not sufficiently lowered before the event. Regarding the time of opening, a few days in advance would yield the same results as 12 hours in advance. Opening the 2 outer gates causes major erosion thus damaging the concrete frame of the dam.

As a measurable protocol, Don suggested to monitor the Mount Holly gauge since our waters crest 8 to 24 hours before Pemberton.

Mary Jo mentioned that more runoff had occurred during this storm, because there were no leaves on the trees to absorb some of the rainfall.

Craig has a contact person if we wanted to schedule an on-site visit to the dam.

Anita summed the creek dilemma up nicely with a flow but not flood rationale.

Remember to pay your dues and try to welcome neighbors into our fold.

The meeting adjourned at 12:02.
Claire Milligan