Minutes of the Meeting
May 23, 2010

Mary Jane Barber, Marie Dugan, Betty Hayes, Tom Kempton, Judy and Paul Loane, John McNamara, Claire Milligan, Kerry Sharps, Jill and Andy Wasserman.

John McNamara welcomed everyone to the meeting held at the home of Andy and Jill Wasserman. Regrets were sent by Wayne having a "secret celebration" for his milestone birthday.

Treasurer's Report
Tom Kempton is "looking for money." So far this year he has amassed $180.00 in dues and as always will be collecting.

Family Fall Float
Unfortunately, there are no plans for the fall float this year due to the enormous cutbacks of County expenses and personnel. This situation is highly unlikely to change. Cleanup of the creek however is under way and is not affected by the cuts. John Smith and his team are currently working on the area from Pemberton to Smithville and then will come into our branch from Smithville to the Mount Holly dam. Paul remembered years ago, the creek was lowered for a while, so residents could attend to the areas near their homes.

Earth Fair
The earth fair will go on. John distributed flyers. The date will be Saturday June 19, 2010 from 10 am - 4 pm at Smithville Park in Eastampton. So go have some fun.

Mount Holly Township Emergency Management committee
Our illustrious leader has joined this committee and will represent the interests of the RCA. The committee covers all emergency situations such as fire and flooding. The committee is not limited to creek issues and is chaired by the chief of police - Stevie.

Craig Katz - Kevin Tuno - Meeting re Rancocas Creek flooding
A meeting was organized by Craig Katz and Kevin Tuno to discuss this past winter's flooding woes and issues regarding the efficiency and operation of the dam. The meeting is open to everyone and different townships will send a representative. Flyers will be distributed with the details. The meeting will be held on June 10, 2010.

Next Meeting
Craig Katz will host our next meeting.

Other Business
Tom stated that Burlington County was accepted into a disaster relief program in lieu of this past season's flooding events. Also, he informed us of new wells drilled on Rabbit Run and Hand Lane. However on Peninsula Road which connects to Rabbit Run, there are no such services, claimed Marie. They even stopped giving her smaller bottles of drinking water which are easier to handle. Marie speculates that it has to do with her road being private. Tom said he would look into the situation to try and help Marie. Mary Jane claimed that Peninsula Road was not in the "record of decision for contamination." Wisely, Mary Jane also wants her new well water tested by an independent company and will continue with bottled water services until accepted.

Tom has some rescued kittens if anyone is interested.

Talk moved to the current assessment of homes. Some claimed the assessor came into their homes, while other times they just needed the number of rooms.

Thank you to Jill and Andy for hosting.

Don't forget to check out the website (mastered by Kerry) for information. We are second upon Google-searching for the words - rancocas creek.

Thanks, Claire.