Minutes of the Meeting
April 29, 2007

Mary Jane Barber, Bill Bolger, Marie Dugan, E. J. Garland, Dottie Goldacker, Anita Gooden, Kathy Graf, Tom Greenfield, Ethan Higgs, Craig Katz, Kevin Katz, Tom Kempton, Paul Loane, Don Maurer and Mary Jo Rogers, John McNamara, Wayne and Claire Milligan, Kerry Sharps.

RCA Business

At 11:00, the meeting commenced with the ominous tone of a gong from another land. Craig welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2007. Tom Kempton is our new Treasurer. Thank you Tom.

The following are the meeting dates and hosts:
May 20 - John and Claudia McNamara
June 24 - Tom Kempton
July 14 - Creek Clean-up - Picnic at the Gooden's.
August 12 - Paul Loane
September 16 - Wayne and Claire Milligan
October 21 - Luncheon at the Smithville Mansion

Craig reserved an RCA table at the earth fair on June10th. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
If anyone has pictures of the fall float winners, Kerry will post them to the website.

The Flood

In the middle of April 2007, a nor'easter hit our region. Members of the RCA and our neighbors along the creek experienced high flood levels, the ravages of which displaced some from their homes and caused major property damage to others.
Why did the creek rise so high? Speculation ensued. Some felt the dam had not been properly managed in advance of the forecasted storm. This was quite a disappointing thought because of an earlier meeting whereby emergency management officials gave an overview of improved communication between agencies such as the National Weather Service and also real-time monitoring of creek levels. Also expressed were concerns of the timing of the storm where manpower and overtime issues hinder proper operation of the dam.
Others agreed that nature is hard to control such as rainfall totals in a given amount of time coupled with tidal conditions of the Delaware River. Even if every protocol were addressed, the power of a natural event might prevail. Still, some residents guessed if the creek had been lowered a little more, a world of difference may have been made.
Response by emergency management in Mount Holly appeared to be very successful and Craig will send a complimentary letter to those involved with evacuation and rescue. Although, some Eastampton residents along the creek were very discouraged by the emergency management response. A letter should be drafted by a resident detailing their concerns.
So what can we do? Craig will obtain some answers from Kevin Tuno, the emergency management coordinator as to the following of protocol and regulations, etc.
Paul felt we as residents should have a hands-on tour of the Mt. Holly dam to garner a better understanding of its operation and learn of those accountable for various issues.
Don said there was talk of the Mount Holly dam being under the umbrella of the County which would hopefully alleviate unnecessary involvement.
John felt this was an isolated incident and predicted that if the dam were made into a spillway to solve the problem, the flooding may become worse if tidal waters crest over the top of the spillway.
Wayne presented some helpful articles about the flooding and FEMA which Kerry posted to the website.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00.
Claire Milligan