Minutes of the Meeting
April 11, 2010

Rich Astorino, Mary Jane Barber, Fred and Diane Bauer, Marie Dugan, Ellie Gesensway, Anita Gooden, Betty Hayes, Linda Hultch, Craig Katz, Tom Kempton, Paul Loane, John and Claudia McNamara, Wayne, Claire and Shannon Milligan, Andy Wasserman

John McNamara welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2010. Regrets from Kerry and Tom who could not be present.

Treasurer's Report
Tom Kempton delivered the Treasurer's report citing the balance and membership numbers of 2009. He was ready to accept this year's dues which are $20.00.

Dates and Hosts for 2010
May 23 - Andy and Jill Wasserman
June 27 - Craig Katz
July 25 - Mary Jane Barber
Aug 29 - Tom Kempton
Sept 26 - The Milligans
Oct 17 - Brunch details to be announced

Family Fall Float
Due to economic and budgetary uncertainies, there is no information on this year's fall float. We can only speculate about prize money, charge for canoers, dock decorating or if the event will even take place.

Report - Kevin Tuno
After recent back to back flooding events, John attempted to have a meeting with Kevin Tuno. Craig is going to organize an open meeting which includes township and county officials to discuss the management of the dam. This meeting will not be affiliated with the RCA, rather a larger community based venture. At the time of the flooding, dam management was a county responsibility and did not seem to be very good. Craig felt that nature and the great amount of rainfall, gave the appearance that the dam was not being managed in a timely fashion. It was reported that every gate was open. Fred questioned why the spillway at Smithville was abnormally high. All agreed that we would like Mount Holly Township to manage the dam, because there were never any problems coinciding with their management in the recent past.

Posed with dam repair questions, Jules reported that the $250,000 request to the state for dam repair is not feasible. The request would have to be an urgent one for a dam in a state of ruin.
The original request for $750,000 for the fish ladder and repair is now out of the question. Maybe federal funding. There was concern for the inoperable gate and the dam losing 20 percent of its functioning capability.
Leo did not want all the gates opened permanently which would dry up the lake by his house.
Paul had inquired about the fish ladder status. There was talk of perhaps transforming that gate into the fish ladder. Craig had joked that he had not seen the likes of shad for nearly 200 years and wondered if they would even survive upon making their journey.

Craig is not accepting his property acquisition offer.
Housing reassessment was discussed.
Fred wondered who to contact about the culvert on Paducah Road.

The meeting ended at 12:00. Special thanks to our President John and his lovely wife Claudia for hosting. The next meeting is actually next door at the Wasserman's on May 23. See you there.

Thanks. Claire.