Minutes of the Meeting
April 26, 2009

Rich Astorino, Mary Jane Barber, Diane and Fred Bauer, Ellie Gesensway, Anita Gooden, Tom Greenfield, Richard Horowitz, Craig Katz, Claudia and John McNamara, Claire and Wayne Milligan, Bob Norman, Edith Norman and Andy Wasserman.

John welcomed everyone in our community to the first RCA meeting of 2009.

Treasurer's Report
The treasury report was delivered by Tom Kempton. Last year we had 31 paid members and 2 new members including Edith Norman who was present at the meeting. This year the expense of hosting a meeting will be covered by the RCA. Simply give your receipt to Tom.

New Executive Committee
This year a new executive committee was established to assist in some of the decision making. The members are Wayne Milligan, Tom Greenfield, Kerry S h arps, Tom Kempton and John McNamara.

Dates for Meetings - 2009
April 26 McNamara
May 31 Slated as the Milligan's but we have another engagement. Look for the change when you get the announcement.
June 28 Wasserman
July 26  Sharps
August 30 Tentatively Bauers
Sept 27 Edith Norman
Oct 11 McNamaras - Last meeting, brunch, elections
Our last meeting will find us at the McNamaras instead of the Smithville Mansion for a more traditional brunch.

2009 Election Year Nominating Committee
There will be a nominating committee for elections this year. They will talk to members and see if there is an interest in filling a position. You can contact Betty Hayes at 609-859-2460 or Tom Greenfield at 609-261-1036 if you have any questions.

Earth Fair
The earth fair is scheduled for Sunday June 14 from 10:00 to 4:00 at Smithville Park. This year the RCA will not have a table, but go enjoy the day and wear your RCA T-shirt.

Family Fall Float
On Sunday October 18, 2009 vast amounts of canoers and kayakers will paddle down the creek past our decorated docks. The event goes from 9:00 to 6:00 starting at Smithville Park. The rain date is October 25, 2009. Incidentally, John stated that many of the participants enjoy our branch because of the decorations. Keep up the good work. Hopefully, this popular event will still be supported despite possible staff changes and a pending budget.

RCA Clean-up
The RCA is cleaning up the creek - kicking it old school. Meet at the Smithville Spillway at 9:00. The date is July 19, 2009. Following the clean up, there will be a picnic at the Gooden's. Who throws a better picnic - no one!
If you have any questions about the clean up, talk to Wayne at 609-694-5118. He'll be organizing the event with canoes and gadgets.

Burlington County Clean-up
On May 30, there will be a more tame clean-up sponsored by the county. All are welcome to attend.

Dues Increase
For the first time since 1979, the dues will be $20.00 per household.

New Members
It is healthy for an organization to get new members, so recruit if you can.

Other Business
All is quiet on the Mount Holly dam issue. They received a grant for the fish ladder from Fish and Wildlife. The stimulus package is covering roads and buildings.
Bob claimed he had conversations with people who fish near the Delaware River and they never caught a shad, while Ellie claims people have caught them further up the creek.
The creek level was raised after Tom G. made inquiries to Kathy Hoffman about the low level. It would be nice to send Kathy some emails thanking her for her positive support of our organization.
Wayne and myself thanked the RCA for taking a full page ad in support of Shannon's play - The Jungle Book.
Diane inquired about an HB Smith internet link with the RCA.
Ellie informed us about the Hugh Campbell paintings depicting the Rancocas Creek. She will send information to the website about the exhibit, painting restoration and where to find catalogues.