Summary of April 28, 2013's RCA meeting

The highlights for the first RCA meeting of 2013 include new members Jenna and Gary, news of the return of the fall float and clean-up activities.
As always the dues for the year are $20.00 per family.

Burlington County Parks Activities
John McNamara met with Joyce Goldsmith, manager of the Burlington County Parks and Recreation. This year will see the return of the fall float with allotted prize money. The event is slated for October 20, 2013 with a tentative theme of Halloween for decorating. One of the new freeholders, John reported, is very enthusiastic about the success of this event.

John passed around some pamphlets for upcoming County activities. Here are a few examples:
Victorian Games - May 19, 2013 - includes victorian hats, tea etiquette, carriage rides and horseshoe pitching, Women and the Civil War exhibit (runs from May 9 - May 26) and children's fun such as puppet shows and games
Earth Fair - June 9, 2013 - includes activities to protect and appreciate the environment
2nd Time Around Repurposed Art Show - June 9 - June 30 - seeks creative art made from recycled items
609-265-5858 or

Burlington County College Summer 2013 - includes summer camps, aquatics and P.I.N.E.S.

Members Creek Clean-Up Needs
John Smith has begun making the creek accessible for recreational activities. John will inquire if the County plans to maintain the creek throughout the summer.
Meanwhile, for manageable clean-ups, Bill Gooden will organize the endeavor. Last year, he was pleased with the volunteers and the work they accomplished. This year he hopes to count on the same people and add a few more to the crew.

Here's hoping this year the RCA will have new members and friends, and the creek will be at a level which supports recreational activities, wildlife and natural habitats and a clean environment.