From Don Maurer:   I just received the following email from Kathy Hoffman, Mount Holly
Township Manager. She asked me to pass this information along to all
members of RCA. This didn't just happen. It shows what we can do if
we all work together.


Just to keep you updated and if you could pass the word along to the
RCA as well I would appreciate it. We have applied for a loan
through the Department of Agriculture for the repairs and secured the
funds for the fish ladder. We have begun to raise the 5 gates 5-6"
each weekday and will continue until all the gates are closed. I
have been down at the dam and the water level is rising. Please keep
me informed as to how the creek level and effects along the creek as
we raise the gates are. Thank you and the RCA for your patience and
assistance through this process."

Kathleen D. Hoffman

Mount Holly Township

PO Box 411

23 Washington Street

Mount Holly, NJ 08060


609-267-8155 (Fax)