Fall Float Dock Decorations
October 14, 2007

As part of the fall float festivities, hundreds of canoes are launched from Smithville and travel the creek to Mount Holly. Along the way canoers enjoy the beautiful vistas of the creek and as a special aside, docks are decorated with themes of the fall season, many halloween inspired.

This year the RCA sponsored the dock decorating contest. There were 16 docks decorated with unique and creative displays of ghosts, goblins, grim reapers, masks, witches, pumpkins and pirate ships. Plus, canoers were treated to candy, beads, music and performances.

The winning dock had a witch flying across the creek amidst fog, bubbling water and even a scary gorilla. Second place went to the "ghosts of indian summer" which included ghosts gathered around a smoky fire with a backdrop of teepees. Third place went to the dock with a flying purple people eater and ghosts spanning the creek.

Our next event is the luncheon at the Smithville mansion on Sunday October 28, 2007. The luncheon is free for paid members.

Thanks to all,