Rancocas Creek Association
Some Minutes of the Meeting
May 26, 2013

John welcomed everyone to Jenna and Gary's who were kind enough to host the meeting on a holiday weekend. One special attendee was Victoria Derowski Brill who had brought some old historical pictures of the creek. Kerry will post them to the website. Victoria's Aunt Eleanor was an active creek member for many years. Her husband Ed even served as president of the RCA for a time.

Proposed Mid-Winter Meeting
Tom K. had suggested a mid winter meeting of the RCA to keep in touch through the off season. We agreed to gather in the cold of January on a Sunday afternoon.

Meeting Dates
The next meeting is scheduled for June 30 at Kerry's. Arrive by foot, boat, car or car on barge as some joked.
July 28 - Craig Katz
Aug 25 - Anita and Bill Gooden
Sept 29 - McNamaras - End of year brunch

Member Clean-up Needs
Tony had seen the County cleaning the creek with their various boats and equipment. He wondered if they needed the level to be lower for their efforts.
We agreed to report the location of fallen trees and debris to the County and thank them for their attention.
Some trees still remain a problem in the canal which can be addressed by the RCA.

Other Business
- Some members were raving about the seafood at Big Catch, located on 132 Hulme St. (609) 288-6857. They claim the food is delicious, affordable and the owners are very accommodating in providing a specific order.
- Mary Jane said that 2 of our long-time members Preston and Bunny were moving.
- Tony voiced Donna's concern about creek levels if John were away. In the case of a significant weather event, the National Weather Service would advise Emergency Management and in turn we would be notified by email. Emergency Management would also take charge of having the dam gates opened to avoid potential flooding.
- Ellie informed us of the Hugh Campbell exhibit being shown at the Warden House in Mount Holly. Hugh Campbell was a self-taught prolific painter. His life was dedicated to capturing the imagery of the Rancocas Creek and the people of Mount Holly. For years he resided in a little cabin on Kates Tract. There is also interest in making a documentary about Hugh Campbell and the people who have met him. Ellie is the author of Life Along the North Branch of the Rancocas Creek from Smithville to Mount Holly. A copy of her book is in the NJ Reference Room at the Burlington County library headquarters in Westampton. She also told us of the need for donations to the historic library in town. The Mount Holly Library and Lyceum was formerly known as the Bridgetown Library. It was chartered in 1765. Mount Holly used to be called Bridgetown named for the many bridges that spanned the Rancocas Creek.

Thanks again to Jenna and Gary.
See you in June.