Rancocas Creek Association
Most Minutes of the Meeting
August 25, 2013

John welcomed everyone to the home of Anita and Bill who graciously hosted. Regrets from Claudia and Rich.

80th Anniversary of the RCA
Tom Kempton will chair the RCA 80th anniversary committee, the RCA having been founded in 1934. There are plans for a get together in January to celebrate. Craig will check the library's historical section for information on the early history of the RCA. He also will ask the township for some sort of recognition of the anniversary.

The menfolk have formed a set up committee for the brunch. They include John, Kerry, Tom G., Tom K. and Wayne. They will decide on the beverages and seating. Mary Jane as chair of the food committee will also attend. After today's meeting, Mary Jane will firm up her food list of who is bringing what.

Trees Down In The Creek
Aside from the big tree which spans the creek behind John's house, Mary Jane said there were trees down near Rabbit Run. They are big yet passable. Nature has taken care of the door lodged in the creek near Jenna and Gary's. Ther ongoing saga of fallen trees still plague the canal. Bill G. said he would organize a crew if there were enough trees to be cleared.

Mosquito control requests are on an individual basis. Craig will see if a few houses on Kate's Tract will call and maybe have an area taken care of. There seemed to be more activity from the mosquito control commission earlier in the summer. Ellie said her calls were met with a claim of too much paperwork. Mary Jane asked the truck to spray on their way past her house. There must be standing water for them to address the problem. And there is.

Fall Float
The fall float is scheduled for October 20. There will be a dock decorating contest. The theme in Smithville is scarecrows, and they would like to extend that to the dock decorating. This seemed kind of limiting. John will try to broaden the theme but for now include a scarecrow in your decorating design.
You must fill out an entry form for your dock.
The county is awarding $500 in prize money. The RCA will kick in $200 more.
The number of winners and monetary awards were voted on:
First place -$300
Second place - $200
Third place - $100
Fourth place - $50
Fifth place - $50
Wayne and Gary will kayak down and number the docks before the event. Floaters will vote for their favorites as they paddle by. John will get the score sheets at 5 and tally the votes.. Past winners Tom G. and Kerry will be at Smithville that day along with the Mill Street Theatrical Company.

This is an election year. Any interested persons can nominate or volunteer for the position of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer. Silence befell the crowd. I could hear Craig likening it to a ghost town with tumbleweeds and howling coyotes. Contact John if interested.

Any Other Business
- Ellie told us of cultural events. Hugh Campbell's paintings are on display at the Warden's House next to the prison in Mount Holly. Additional paintings have arrived which need to be conserved. An adopt a painting program may be in place to help raise money for the conservation. Hugh Campbell's paintings were inspired by the town scenery and people of Mount Holly. He used to take a shopping cart filled with paints around town. For years, he lived in a cabin on Kates Tract A few of his paintings were of seascapes of his time in Maine, Ellie said. And his techniques changed. Ellie and Craig have memories of this eccentric painter.
Also Ellie informed us the Mount Holly Library and Lyceum has been purchased by the county and will serve as a library and a museum. It will be called the Burlington County Lyceum of History and Natural Science.
- Tom K. found a website to receive public safety alerts per zip code. Visit www.nixle.com.
He also welcomed Joyce and EJ.
- Arts in the Park is scheduled for September 15, 2013 from 10:30 to 4:00. It is held at the historic Smithville Park in Eastampton.

Thank you Anita and Bill for hosting and for the delicious food.

See you at the brunch!