At the next Mount Holly Town Council Meeting, August 3rd, 7PM at the Township Building on 23 Washington

Presentation by John Schmidt on NJ Shade Tree and Community Forestry Program.

FYI - Biologists from Army Corp and Fish and Wildlife were at last weeks township meeting - revisiting the potential of either a fish ladder or dam removal at Mill Dam to restore fish migration. There is currently a 65:35 match available for funding of the project (35% from township) and of the 35% there already is $110,000 that has been committed towards the project through grants - so assuming the project cost - estimated at 1 million (either ladder or removal) township would have to come up with ~$240,000 - which Fish and Wildlife would help look into additional funding if township is to committed in going forward. Caveat -- if a decision is not made soon the $110,000 in grants already available will disappear.

Township wants to bring back biologists and hydrologists to go over pros/cons of fish ladder vs dam removal - effect on creek levels etc. Consensus of EAC members is to go with fish ladder if funding can be secured.


7:00 PM Mount Holly Township Building 23 Washington

A. Call Meeting to Order

B. Moment of Silence.

C. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

D. Verification of Notice.
This meeting is being held in compliance with the open public meeting act, chapter 231, public laws 1975 and certification is on file in the office of the Township Clerk.

E. Installation of remaining EAC members

F. Roll Call.

G. Nominations / Appointments for
Recording Secretary

H. Approval of Minutes

I. Communications

a) Presentation by John Schmidt on NJ Shade Tree and Community Forestry Program -

J. Items for Discussion

Feedback on BBQ & Blues – GreenFaith Event / Community Partner Refferals

Initiatives township is considering
Fish ladder vs dam removal
Work where you live
Form-based code
Updates on ongoing projects / committee goals
Web page design
Email link
Sustainable NJ
c) Community Garden – womans league
d) Joint program with Master Gardeners to bring in a speaker Mike McGrath

I. Matters Presented by the Public.

J. Other New Business