Meeting July 7, 2010

Emergency Management, Burlington County and RCA

A meeting was held between Steve King, Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management, Burlington County and John McNamara/Gary Henneberry, RCA.

An inspection was carried out on the Rancocas Creek of tree trunks concealed below water level. Steve King noted the location of these trees on a special map and he and Kevin Tuno, Coordinator of Burl. Co. Emergency Management, plan to discuss these locations with John Smith, Supervisor of Burl. Co. Parks Department, with a view to removing the large tree trunks that are inhibiting the flow of water during periods of flooding.

It was also discussed to have a week sometime in August whereby the water level in the creek will be lowered as much as possible to allow residents to inspect their banks and bulkheads with a view to carry out any necessary repairs. The date for lowering the creek has not been set, but as soon as it is notices will be distributed to all residents living on the creek. The procedure of lowering the water for resident to repair their banks and bulkheads was done regularly in the past, but has not in fact been organized for several years.

McNamara and Henneberry found Steve King to be helpful and cooperative in every way. It looks as if this new relationship between the county and RCA will be of huge benefit to us all.

From Steve King's email to John Mcnamara:

I asked Mt Holly to adjust the gates on the RACE dam. good results.


And, here's a map showing all the gates, dams and spillways along the Rancocas Creek:

(green squares represent either a gate, dam or spillway)